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How big are your kennels?

They are 5x20 feet, with a 5x5 concrete doghouse in the back.  They have concrete floors, and we put cedar shavings in them for comfort.  They are completely covered, and heated dog houses are available

How often do you cut the grass in the fields? 

 The grass is usually cut 4 times a year, depending on rain.  The farm is a working farm, and the grass is cut for silage, so it depends on how we can best get the yield from the grass. 

What fields can I use?

Our trainer (Jim Cochran ) gets first priority for training our client dogs. We have 260 acres available, so there is usually a field available – on a first-come first serve basis.  If you have a specific field you would like to use, please swing by the office and talk to Jim or the kennel staff to see what’s open.

Vaccine Policy

Please make sure you bring proof that your vaccines are current.

What food do you feed?

We feed Diamond dog food.  It’s a quality food, and we’ve had good success with it. If you are boarding, feel free to bring your own food.  We use stainless steel dishes, sterilized daily, so you don’t need to bring your own dish.

What should I bring for my dog?

Anything that will make your dog’s stay more easy – toys, a bed or such. We encourage your dogs to be happy here!  However, dogs are dogs - it may not come back in the condition you brought it in.

What are your hours?

Monday-Saturday 8am to  6pm. 

What types of training are available?

Jim will accommodate any reasonable training requests.  Hunting training for retrievers, pointers and flushers, as well as obedience for all breeds is available.

How can I pay? 

We accept checks, cash and major credit cards 

Do you sell anything?

We sell a variety of training aids, including whistles, dummies, electronic collars, leads and collars.

What should I not do?

Please don’t leave anything in the field – especially metal.  No surveyor flags, wire or shotgun shells.  Please pick up your empties.

The sign on Neal Road says road closed?

The road is closed, but past the kennel.   We are 2.2 miles down Neal Road from the 203 turnoff.

Can I hunt at Carlson's?

We are a private hunting club – please read the club rules

Can I buy birds?

 Jim, in addition to training dogs also runs our bird pens.  If we have birds available, we will sell them.  Client dogs get priority, so we may not have enough to sell to the general public.  Special requests can be made to Jim.  We are a licensed game farm.

DO you have any started dogs?

Occasionally we have started pointers and retrievers available for sale.  Jim also keeps up on available dogs when he gets word on them.

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